Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TIME magazine's global warming, part 2

This picture greatly summarizes TIME magazine's and other warming fanatics' argument: whether the world is freezing or perspiring or back to chilling, it's all because of AGW or simply "man-made warming." From the cooling of the 70s to the warming of the 90s and back to the cooling in recent years (except the 2010 El Nino), they are all proof of global warming, and of more severe warming the coming years and decades. See the original picture and dozens of comments here, Time Magazine and Global Warming.

Meanwhile, the US mainland was nearly 70 percent covered with snow as of yesterday, 1-11-11. As snowstorms are on-going there, some observers are projecting that the snow cover will rise past 70 percent tomorrow, Nearly 70% of the USA is covered in snow. Where is Al Gore and all the warming and burning Earth alarms from his mouth?

Global cooling is more dangerous, more fatal, than global warming. Many people in the Northern Hemisphere are praying and wishing that man-made warming was true and not fiction. These 3 pictures are from yahoo news.

My sister and her 2 kids here in Manila arrived from Florida last week. They complained that they never expected below zero C temperature in the supposedly warm state of America and so, they brought thin jackets. But they were lucky nonetheless, they were not battered by severe snowstorms that caused many flight cancellations, stranded cars, buses and trains, in the middle to northern states.

I hope that all those stupidty and lunacy associated with climate alarmism will stop soon. And all those idiotic global climate junkets will end too. And all those climate bureaucracies that depend on our tax money for their annual existence and luxury will be abolished too.

But government is government. Even the most stupid ideas, when backed up by government coercion and taxation, will survive and perpetuate.

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