Friday, November 12, 2010

Al Protacio on AGW scam

I have a Filipino friend, a geologist now working in UK, Al Protacio. Unlike the other Al, Al Gore, Al Protacio uses his mind and knowledge of geosciences to critically analyze the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) claims. And he believes that it is indeed a scam.

Below are some points made by Al in some of our exchanges on AGW in pilipinasforum@yahoogroups. The flow of thought may now coincide sometimes because he posted these on various dates and referred to some of my own postings.

Here's al Protacio:

Aside from the inescapable fact that the Sun is the main driving force of climate (and weather) which the AGW proponents arrogantly ignore, they also wish to ignore the fact that CO2 rise lags behind temperature rise. This clearly shows that the temperature rise is the "cause" and that the CO2 rise is just an "effect" (cause - effect). A physicist professor in Reading University ineffectively tried to sweep this very inconvenient truth under the rug (old post but still relevant):

Q: Doesn't temperature rise come before a rise in carbon emissions, not the other way round?

A: In the natural cycle, temperature does tend to lead so when it rises the carbon dioxide also increases, so they do follow each other.

If you force the natural amount of C02 to change, as we are doing, then that will change the temperature.

They do tend to be linked either way so it means if one changes the other will as well.

One thing we have to worry about is that with temperature and CO2 increases, more C02 will remain in the atmosphere and not be absorbed.

NO!!! The reverse is not necessarily true! Even with concrete data showing that CO2 rise is the effect and not the cause of temperature rise, he still insisted that CO2 rise "can" cause temperature rise. The key word is "can". Yes, possibly "can" but under an artifically (meaning, unnatural conditions) controlled lab environment. He's also possibly thinking of the thousands of biased computer models showing this to be true.

These are two very basic points:

1. The day to day experience that the sun is the main driving force of climate and weather.

2. Data showing CO2 increase lags behind temperature increase.

Would have been enough to convince any person with half a brain to abandon the AGW ideology. However, these AGW nut jobs still profess unquestioning faith in their AGW religion.

(About the reported plan by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) to field "700 climate scientists to speak out as experts on questions about global warming" which they later backed out from)

Smart move on AGU's side. AGW is already at the peak of it's popularity. Any debate they do now will only impact negatively on the public's acceptance of AGW. They surely know this. Thus, any public debate they announce is more for publicity than actually wanting to debate the AGW issue. I think this is also true for all the groups advocating the AGW scam.

Since AGW is now more politcal than sceintific, the only way to get rid of this scourge is through political means. One way I can think of is to only vote/support politicians/organizations who publicly denounce AGW as a big scam. Another way is to show the public that it's economic suicide for people of 1st world countries who will be taxed to death in support of the AGW tax and people of 3rd world countries who will be paying off the huge interests on the AGW loans given them by the UN, World Bank, IMF, etc. (they must be naive to think these big institutions will give AGW money for free).

They (AGW proponents) always point out the effect but not the cause. Yes, Manila is flooding. Whether it is flooding because of rising sea level or because of subsidence (sinking with respect to sea level) or because of a poorly maintained drainage system is another issue (I really don't know). However, even if flooding is due to rising sea level, it doesn't necessarily mean this "effect" is caused by AGW (climate change or whatever term they want to use). The real scientists know this but it's easier for them to go with the flow than contradict the accepted public opinion. (It's like "The Emperor's New Clothes". No one had the courage to tell the king he was naked except for the child.) Also, advocating the lie will allow them to get their grubby hands on the billions of dollars in AGW loans. They're so naive and don't understand that AGW money is actually blood money.

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