Monday, November 29, 2010

UK Met Office and warming faux

The UK Meteorological Office is notable for its "barbeque summer" and "mild winter" forecasts. And its batting average of correct forecast for the last 3 years or more has been zero. Since 2007 or 2008, it predicted a "barbeque summer" and for the past 3 summer, it's been a generally rainy summer. The Wimbledon tennis the past few years for instance, suffered several games delay because of the rains. They have built a slightly enclosed tennis court because of the frequent rains during the games.

Just last month, the UK Met Office again predicted a "mild winter" forecast. As of last week, UK was battling early snow and temperature drops of up to 7.6 C. And yesterday, UK was freezing with -10 C and 15 inches of snow,

A longer discussion of the UK Met's faux, this winter and previous years, are at WUWT, the latest is

UK's climate officials and bureaucrats now in Cancun, Mexico for the UN FCCC meeting, would be ashamed should they make pronouncements like "more environmental regulations and taxation to fight man-made warming" as UK and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are freezing with severe cold. And it's only November. It's not yet January.

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