Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend fun 2: TSA cartoons

The US government's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has become the butt of jokes for a number of bloggers recently. The reason is the groping practices, physically-invasive pat-down check-up of plane passengers. Cartoons are among the funniest satire, like this one.

Someone commented that perhaps the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would be jealous at the amount of public attention that the TSA is getting recently.

If the words in these shirts are not clear, here's what they say. Man's shirt: "Your naked photos are safe with us." And the girl's shirt: "We're making air travel a touching experience." Hahaha! Btway, these 2 cartoons I got from Dan Mitchell's blog,

This one is from Daniel Kurtzman's political humor blog. It's under his "Top 10 TSA jokes".

Ahh, this one's more brutal. I got this from Froilan Bersamina's blog.

Now, will the TSA people mark bloggers who make fun of them? Most TSA guys that I saw when I travel to the US don't look too intrusive. Most are courteous and friendly. Or maybe the much stricter pat-down screening was done only recently?

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