Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas Notes 2: Econ. Songs + Christmas

It's officially December today, the last of the "ber" months. I am re-posting two compositions, one made in December 1998, the other made in December 2008. Hope you'll like them.

Econ songs for Christmas

December 13, 2008

Ten years ago, we were doing our Diploma and Masteral degrees at the UPSE's Program in Development Economics (PDE). I and some male classmates composed these 2 songs, and we sang this during our Christmas party.

Econ 201 is macroeconomics, Econ 202 is microeconomics, Econ 251 is public finance.
Econ 231 is Econ Statistics.

Herewith was our composition (slightly revised) :-)

Econ. 201, 202, 251
(Tune: Jingle Bells)

201, 201
Aggregate demand
Y = C + I, G + X - M!
IS curve, LM curve
Modelong Keynesian
Trade-off between inflation
and unemployment.

Doon sa 202
Andon si Pareto
There’s monopoly
Perfect competition
And price equilibrium
Isoquant and isocost
Compliments, substitute.

251, 251
Budget deficit
If there's market failure
There's government fai-lure!
Government borrowings
Crowding out effect
Burdensome debt payment
1/3 of the budget.

One of our professors then was citing a lot of his studies on population and health economics in teaching the subject. This was our song for him.

Econ 231
(Tune: Joy to the world)

Prof. ____
There's regression
Complex equation
Causes confusion
May we ask for some condom!

This was my composition last December 23, 2008, reflecting on the US financial turmoil.

Recession is coming to town
(Tune: Santa Claus is coming to town)

A business cycle
Corporate failures
Selected bail-outs
More regulations
Recession is coming to town.

Bear Sterns AIG
Freddie and Fannie
Keep safe the Citi
And Detroit’s Big 3
Tax money is bailing the town

The State sees when you’re too big
It says you should not fail
Support risky mortgages
So be irresponsible.

A trillion dollars
One year deficit
A trillion dollars
Economic “jolt”
Obama is coming to town.

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