Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Fun 30: The Rock Climbers

I was an avid mountaineer from 1993 to 95, I belonged to the Congress Mountaineers at the House of Representatives where I used to work before. We climbed so many mountains, including the two highest mountains in the Philippines, namely Mt. Apo in Davao and Mt. Pulag in Benguet.

I was preparing to invest in rock climbing already in 1995, had my gears ready, then the house where I stayed got burned, I lost everything except my road bike, I have to forego rock climbing then and used my savings to buy new personal stuff again.

Below are some photos I got from the web, well from facebook photos, I just mixed them in one frame to save space. Wonderful photos of rock climbers, and a few funny photos :-)

Really tall rocks, some climbing without ropes, the extremist and most skilled climbers... then a climber with no clothes. His lover's husband has surprisingly arrived, hahaha.

More hard core climbers... and a cat :-)

Climb hard... and party hard, hanging under a tree branch or a rock. Life is cool.

Hey honey, pass on the baby! .... and an aspiring rock climber turtle...

When birds think that a rock climber carries lots of food, or they simply make fun of him, or he could have accidentally went to those birds' rock nest? Goats are great rock climbers too.

Party-party-party! Alcohol and laughter high up in the air.

Happy weekend.

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