Thursday, August 09, 2012

(Not so) Dirty Creeks 2: Makati again

My first posting on this subject was last January 18, 2011, Dirty creeks 1: Makati. Here are two of the six photos that I showed there. This is on a creek in front of Makati Medical Center (MMC), a known and expensive hospital in the country.

A few months after I posted it, I noticed that the creek has been regularly cleaned. A personnel of Barangay San Lorenzo where this creek belongs, wrote in the comment section,

"dear sir,
FYI , barangay San Lorenzo has already assigned creek cleaners who will clean, dessilt the garbages in urban creek area. thats beside the mapa office near makati med.they were assigned to clean it regularly.
thank you"

I checked the creek and there was indeed a regular cleaner boat there. Here are the photos I took sometime in early July 2012, about a month ago.

The solid wastes floating on the creek are gone, nice to see this. Of course the water is not really clean, it came from upstream.

Here, notice the informal settlers just beside the creek, this is in front of MMC.

In that posting last year, I also showed photos of a creek in Barangay San Antonio. It was dirty. Now it is clean, here are photos I took last week, early August 2012. There are wild plants and trees that grow on the creek. They are unsafe because some dangerous wild animals would be hiding there. Or worse, some criminals being chased can jump into the creek and hide behind those thick shrubs and trees.

It is good that the Makati City government, not the barangay government, ordered the cleaning of this creek. Lower photos are among the tree parts and mud that were collected, to be transported by trucks.

I am happy that the local government is doing its job cleaning dirty creeks. Makati is the financial center of the Philippines. It is not good that the surroundings like its small creeks are dirty and ugly. I hope that such clean up will be done regularly.  

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