Friday, June 05, 2015

Election 12, JV Bautista and Toilet Politics

This Inquirer report yesterday elicited laughter and jeers from many people, even  from non-supporters of Sen. Grace Poe.

From that report, it says,
“A foundling by definition is stateless,” Bautista said.
 Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal has said Poe is considered a Filipino and a natural-born citizen under the United Nations Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness.
 But Bautista said that the Philippines was not a signatory to the UN convention.
 “There are only acts of compliance by the Philippine government to the convention but we are not a signatory so it never cured the statelessness of a foundling,” Bautista said.

I shared that news in  my fb wall with this joke: "From what I heard, yong 90% octane + 5% rugby + 5% rubbing alcohol ang nasinghot ni JV Bautista before he made this press con, hehehe."

At least 10 of my fb friends shared that story ahead of me and made these comments in their respective fb walls:

1. The PDEA should be alerted on the strong stuff these UNA guys are having. Oh boy. -- Gus.

2. This makes Grace Poe more popular and appealing. -- Aiken

3. My heart goes out to Grace and all other children who long to know their biological parents. But I pity more those whose parentage are known with certainty. Sons of bitches. -- Ethel

4. Am-Poe-nin si Grace... with apologies to former Senator Saguisag... -- Tomas

5. Atty jv i thought i knew you... i don't! Talk to the Marines. Where is your humanity? I suggest it is time you go searching and shut your big mouth! Shame on you! As if foundlings and stateless persons have no rights and are not humans like me and the rest! I have doubts about you... kunsensiya ba meron ka??? -- Reyes

6. These are freaking idiots... -- Rike

7. ayaw ko na sana i-share kasi mainit pa ulo ko pero, sige na nga, para makatulong na matalo sila...yan talaga ang issue mo? may kinalaman ba yan sa kakayahan mamuno? -- Byron

8. Wala ka ring bang kinalaman sa pinagsasasabi nitong isa pang bark dog mo, Nay-Bi? -- Joji

9. Mga walanghiya talaga ang mga miyembro ng UNA.  Pinaka-maruming TraPo!  Huwag pansinin, huwag iboto! -- Estong

10. magandang idea yan: "Orphan adopted by d King becomes new president" -- Gibet

A friend, Todd, commented on my fb status,
Nothing enhances the credentials of a self proclaimed peace activist and human rights lawyer more than going after a women because she's adopted. Is this Bautista guy as much of a fraud in all his dealings, as he is with this issue?

I think persons with some attention deficit problem would utter such type of attacks on the lady Senator. It was not her fault that she was simply adopted, not her fault that her biological parents are not found or never bothered to come out until  now. The main issue in PH Elections 2016 is the capability and integrity of politicians aspiring to become the next President of the Philippines just 11 months  from now.  JV Bautista's concerns are toilet politics, low-life demolition and personal attacks.

Lastly, I saw a new "theory" re JVBautista's inhaler when  he uttered those remarks, a joke of course:
"katol or sunog na chinelas na china-made."

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