Saturday, November 01, 2014

Weekend Fun 57: Cow Capitalism

Two friends tagged me in fb with this funny definitions of capitalism.

I added these:

Philippine capitalism: You have two cows. One looks like a carabao, the other looks like an ostrich. You sell the former and buy a tricycle while you keep the latter and join a 5 cock derby/contest. 5 bladed cocks vs your unbladed ostrich-looking cow. The cow mows them all, but the referee declares a passer-by duck as the winner.

A congressional inquiry was conducted (a) how an ostrich can join a derby, and (b) how a duck can win a derby. The committee hearing was quickly ended because the Comm. Chairman owns the duck.

Dissatisfied that a Congressman Committee Chairman can quickly kill a Congressional investigation, a Senator initiated a Senate investigation about those two weird issues. And the Senate Comm. investigation was also quickly ended. Why, because the owner of both the 5 cocks and the ostrich-looking cow are among the political enemies of the Senate Comm. Chairman. :-)

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