Thursday, January 14, 2016

Climate Tricks 49, No extreme weather, no severe storms in the past?

This is the continuation of my presentation at the Energy Policy Development Program (EPDP) Conference 2016, held at New World Hotel Makati last January 12-13, this week.

Here is Section II of the 6-sections presentation.

Other cases in Asia.
 This slide about the Philippines, I rearranged into a portrait format. And take note: November 2014, storm Haiyan (locally called "Yolanda") killed 7,000+ people in Leyte, especially in the capital city Tacloban. In November 1912 or 102 years prior, an estimated 15,000 people died also in Leyte due to severe storm.

The UN, other foreign aid bodies, various governments around the world, the big environmental NGOs, they will  continue that large-scale and global deception and dishonesty that recent extreme flooding and rains were "unprecedented." Because they aim for one goal -- more government. More global ecological  central planning.

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Yes, when CO2 concentration in the planet was below 350 parts per  million (ppm) and not 400+ ppm current level.

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