Sunday, May 12, 2013

Election 7: My Candidates for Senators

My main criteria for supporting or voting candidates is who among them will be the least populist and welfarist, least interventionist and tax hungry, compared to other candidates. Almost all politicians have shades of populism and welfarism and hence, for expanding government. They just vary in the degree of populism. Thus, choosing who among them will go against the populism tide seems a difficult task.

Nonetheless, here is my short list, the Senatorial candidates that I will vote tomorrow.

1. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. Clear and explicit in calling for reducing the size of the bureaucracy, in simplifying business procedures and regulations, in liking minimal government.

2. Koko Pimentel. Favors the privatization of PAGCOR, rather independent minded.

3. Dick Gordon. Strong presence in civil society via the Philippine National Red Cross. The Red Cross is one clear example that civil society participation in public health promotion is very potent, that it's not all government in healthcare.

4. Greco Belgica. Advocates flat income tax of 10% for both individuals and corporations. His chance of winning of course is zero, but will vote for him nonetheless.

5. Eddie Villanueva. Never sought any appointed political position after he lost in the last two Presidential elections that he joined. He stayed with his church-based and civil society organizations. 

Ouch, only five. Will think of the other seven tonight. 

A friend commented that my criteria above is like “voting for those who won’t do anything.” I replied that it is not the case. Rather, it is voting for those who will attempt to leave us to do what we think is good for ourselves, our family and our community, and not regulate and nanny us how you should conduct our own lives, while getting more money from us so the government can regulate our lives more. 

"The election this Monday will determine our future as a nation and as individuals." -- from a radio commentator. If many people will believe this statement, then we are a bunch of hopeless idiots. We cannot determine our own life and future and that of our households and communities. Everything will depend on the politicians that we will elect and the army of bureaucrats who will implement the politicians' will. If the elected politicians are angels, then our future is good. If they are devils, then our future is hellish. That is a lousy life.

Meanwhile,  I have heard Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes in two or three election-related fora in the past, usually at Traders Hotel. He looked cool and frank to me. But recently, he's got the habit of typical government  "prohibit and ban" thinking. Like the recent moves to ban alcohol for 5 days instead of 2, ban bank withrawals beyond P100k, ban "excessive" pol ads, etc. 

LENTE forum, November 2011. Chairman Brillanes 3rd from left.

It is good that the current Supreme Court majority realize that prohibitionist/banning thinking is so central planning and dictatorial leaning. 

In a free society, ALL actions are allowed except for a few, expressly prohibited acts like killing, stealing, rape, abduction, etc.

In an unfree society, ALL actions are not allowed except with permit from government.

We are not there yet, of a totally unfree society, but as more and more permits are required in our ordinary lives, we are moving towards a less free society. Magtayo ka lang ng barber shop or bread shop, kaliwa-kanang permits, taxes and fees kailangan mo. May penalties pa for "late registration" daw.

As government expands, stupidity expands. So it is really important to limit the power of coercion of government. Including its power to forcibly collectivize endless subsidies and their endless financing.

More nice quotes:
A government that's BIG and populist enough to give everything you want is also BIG and dictatorial enough to take everything you've got. 
Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.
"If it moves, tax it. If it moves further, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it." -- R.Reagan

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