Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lady gaga and global warming

The girl is so famous globally, she heats thousands of dance floors around the world with her hot and electrifying songs, dances and fashion. The night is cold with severe snow outside? Bring in the lady, the lights, the music, thump-thump the dance floor, to bring in the heat.

Black and white, dark and light, warm and cold, carbon and dioxide. They cause heat, they cause cold, they cause El Nino, they cause La nina, they cause more snow, they cause less snow, they cause confusion.

Bring in the music, bring in the heat, minus the politics, yeah!

She's on fire! She can cause fire. She's hot and she wants it hot. Is there a firetruck nearby? :-)

Hot, like her #1 song "Poker Face",

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh,
I'll get him hot, show him what I've got

On another note, I'm glad I'm in late 40s, been-there-done-that with partying days and nights, now married and have kids. I can't be so hot like the guy she's referring to, hahaha!

Climate change, music beat change, fashion change, geometric dress like this. Can a straight line be also a crooked line? Can a rectangle be also a triangle? And more lines on rollin n gamblin n shootin, from "Poker face"

I wanna roll with him a hard pair we will be
A little gambling is fun when you're with me I love it)
Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun...

The planet is hot, pick any recent year and make it "the hottest year on record". The planet is red, the dress is red, like red riding hood. And the lady sings further,

...Cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin
I'm not lying I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunning
Just like a chick in the casino
Take your bank before I pay you out
I promise this, promise this
Check this hand cause I'm marvelous.

The lady can contribute to global warming.
Right on, Rock on!

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