Thursday, February 03, 2011

Global warming hits the US

I have seen snow on the ground a few times in the past -- in the US, in Europe -- but I have never experienced or seen snow actually falling from the sky. I really wish to see them someday.

But I guess I will only wish to see and experience it for a day or a few days, not for weeks, like what the US and other countries in the Norhtern Hemisphere has been experiencing the past 3 or 4 winters. Almost all pictures here were taken from yahoo news.

Snow as thick as this can be beautiful if you're inside your house, but scary if you're outside. Or if you really have to go out for some very important meeting or health emergencies. How can one go home or go out by car at this height of snow?

The US has experienced a number of terrible snowstorms since last November. The past 2 winters were not so different. When Mr. Obama went to Copenhagen in early December 2010 for the UN FCCC meeting to "fight global warming", he has to cut his trip there and go back to the US quick to face severe snowstorm in the northeast.

In late December 2010, some 10,000 flights across the US alone were cancelled due to heavy snowstorms. The last blizzard, just yesterday, it was estimated that some 13,000 flights were cancelled. Terrible global warming indeed.

Maybe this SOS call is a joke, or it can be serious. A thick snow like this can perhaps be navigated only by foot, or by car if there are dozens of snowplows and trucks to remove the ice.

The sign says, "No parking anytime". Maybe the owner of that space anticipated that thick snow would be coming soon, so the place is reserved for the snow :-)

A very practical advice or request: "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop." But if it was Al Gore and the IPCC officials who were praying for more snow, as they say now, "more snow is proof of more global warming"?

Or maybe Al Gore is inside this UFO-looking strucure covered with snow. The Martians from Al Gore camp have landed!

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