Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend fun 9: Mubarak cartoons

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's dictator for 30 years now, is finally being challenged by his people in a survive or collapse situation. The cartoons here I got from,, and from

Like a true dictator, he tried to control public information by shutting down the internet, especially facebook, youtube and other online networking sites. But lots of young minds more intelligent than him and his government are still able to send out information and updates about what's happening in Cairo and elsewhere.

Earlier, he was taught to easily shut down public opposition and protests as he has mastered the trick of public deception and terrorism against his people. He is dressed like King Tut in this cartoon, able to Tut-Tut-splat the opposition quickly.

Or he's got huge feet to trample anyone and everyone who will block his way of more corruption and political repression. Yes, he is a monster. Or he WAS a monster? Or he WILL remain to be a monster? Whatever, he is now a monster whose ability to scare and terrify has been drastically shattered.

From a giant monster to a deaf monster. And the note below, instead of The Nile River, became Denial River, hahaha!

Yes, Mubarak cannot exit from office that quickly. With tons of money and other private properties to launder, he needs more time to clean them out.

But the pyramid is shattering fast, like the Ponzi and Madoff pyramid scandal.

And the US government, a long time ally of the dictatorship, is it really game over? And by the way, why is the US government been a constant ally of many dictators around the world? Marcos of the Philippines (1965 to 1985, 20 years), Park Chung Hee in S. Korea, Suharto in Indonesia, Pinochet in Chile, etc.

Is Egypt moving from autocracy to democracy, or theocracy? This is a brilliant cartoon.

And the other dictators in the Middle East, they now sing along with Barney's famous song, "I love you". Where are BJ and Baby Bop in the picture? :-)

Happy weekend.

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