Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twitter notes, August 2010

I joined twitter in mid-August 2010. There are days that I posted a lot, and there are days that I don't even visit twitter. Nonetheless, here are my tweets in August 2010. Some tweets that were somehow duplicating, I removed them here.

Another perspective why Pagcor should be privatized, 13 Aug

Today, Phil. drug price control policy is 1 yr old, 15 Aug

@kikopangilinan Sen. Kiko, many ways to serve while one is young, like in student council, work at home or elsewhere, 16 Aug

@cesdrilon Abolish the SK. Let young minds be busy with studies and work, not with politics and political wranglings, 16 Aug

@piacayetano I support the abolition of SK, it is corrupting young minds, 16 Aug

@ABSCBNNews Yes, RPN 9, IBC 13 and PTV 4 should have been privatized since the 80s. 16 Aug

@ANCALERTS Yes, only 1 ID, abolish all IDs from SSS, PhilHealth, LTO, Pag-IBIG, BIR, Comelec. Passport ID should become the only natl ID. 16 Aug

@Karen_DaviLa Yes, but Pagcor does not pay corporate income tax, VAT, entertainment tax, it only pays franchise tax. 16 Aug

@lutheraquino Walang pikonan. If one is afraid to be offended in a free exchange of ideas, then twiter is bad for your health. 16 Aug

@ANCALERTS Yep, and "talk is cheap" because supply is larger than the demand :-) 16 Aug

Absence of the rule of law can turn ordinary govt officials into monsters. "Pakistan, the criminal state", 17 Aug

@marykissel China #2, Japan #3, India #12, Korea #15, Indonesia #18, Taiwan #25, Thailand #33, HK #38, Philippines #47, 17 Aug

@piacayetano Costly global climate meetings, costly climate bureaucracies with no effect on natural climate cycles, 17 Aug

@piacayetano DOH should end the 1-yr old drug price control policy, it's a failure, 17 Aug

@piacayetano Privatize many GOCCs, not just control executive pay. Use the proceeds to retire public debt. Int payment alone is P275B/year. 17 Aug

@jimparedes Yes. People who are afraid of (more personal) responsibility are afraid of individual freedom itself. 18 Aug

@jimparedes Dying negosyante: dito ba mrs ko, panganay ko, bunso ko? All: dito lahat papa, we love you! Tatay: litse, sino bantay tindahan? 19 Aug

One year of drug price control policy in the Philippines, a failure. 19 Aug

@marykissel Pak. shd not entertain moves to raise energy prices to "fight climate change", People shd keep their money, build bigger houses. 20 Aug

@gpph Arctic ice below normal but Antarctica ice above normal, no global warming, 20 Aug

@gpph Not a small area, it's the entire planet's sea surface temp., plummeting fast. Heading to cooling, not warming, 22 Aug

@gpph Produce graphs of ever-warming world pls. Stick to science and issue. Today, warmers are holding "La Nina summit" 23 Aug

I as taxpayer, vehemently angry at the cowardice and idiocry of the PNP. I pay taxes to have brave policement to kill hostage takers quick. 24 Aug

@ruffybiazon As a taxpayer, am not happy to see nervous policemen dealing with a killer hostage-taker. Palakol pa lang nabitawan sa kaba. 24 Aug

@ANCALERTS Shd snipers come close 1st to see the hostage taker didnt harm anyone in a closed bus? Hostaging people enuf reason to shoot him. 24 Aug

Rule of law, not rule of men. Then we can be assured that the crime that happened yesterday won't be repeated, 24 Aug

@jimparedes Variation: Aanhin pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sayo :-) 24 Aug

@RicoHizon Shd be DOT, PNP, SC, OP joint slogan: "In the Phils, we respect the rule of law" then strictly enforce it. 26 Aug

@jimparedes Funny, why would everyone want to be expert in politics and crime analysis? Why not be an expert in food prodn, entrepreneurship. 26 Aug

@RicoHizon Competitive capitalism is great. Fierce competition among many players generally benefits the public - more choices, more options. 26 Aug

@ANCALERTS And where to get additional revenues to pay huge interest payment alone, P276 B this year, P357 B next year? 27 Aug

Interest payment, Phil. govt: 2009 P278 B, 2010 P276 B, 2011 P357 B! Tax and tax just to pay interest alone, 27 Aug

@RicoHizon A discussion of polar ice, El Nino-La Nina, sea surface temp (SST). "Man-made warming" is a joke, 27 Aug

@RicoHizon Rico, Arctic and Antarctica ice are never ever in danger. See satellite pictures of both polar ice here, 27 Aug

@RicoHizon I support proposal by a Brit tax expert to abolish business permit taxes in the Phils. Such taxes are unnecessary cost of prodn. 27 Aug

@RicoHizon Great. More competitive capitalism, more benefits to the public. Expect free or very cheap new services from gmail's rivals. 27 Aug

@iDeskCNN The world is plunging in nasty global cooling, many groups still scare us of "man-made warming". All they want is eco-socialism. 27 Aug

@RicoHizon Under free trade, there is commodity price equalization across countries. So expect more deflation in Japan, other expensiv econ.
27 Aug

@ryan_chua Govt corporations shd be privatized, and not just regulate exec pay. See the huge interest payment, 31 Aug

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