Saturday, February 05, 2011

Warming causes cooling sham

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Climate alarmists and the “Earth savers“ are in for more disappointment. The planet has no fever, it is shivering with free-falling temperature, despite rising number of SUVs and coal power plants and other “dirty” energy sources.

Here is the latest data for the lower tropospheric temperature of the planet, average for the northern hemisphere (NH), the tropics and the southern hemisphere (SH). Graph and table below are from Dr. Spencer is a climatologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), a former NASA scientist, a book author, and has been in the climate science for the past 40 years.

The temperature anomaly (or “deviation from the average temperature” the past 30 years, 1981 to 2010) as of last month was already negative, -0.01 C. Where is the warming? Is cooling also warming?

For many warming fanatics though like Al Gore, UN officials (IPCC, FCCC, UNEP, WMO), Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam, the current global cooling – more snow, more rains, more flooding, huge temperature drop – is proof of more man-made warming.

The simplest, if not idiotic, explanation given is that warmer ocean causes more water evaporation, that causes more precipitation, that causes more rains and more snow. Warming causes cooling. Cool.

Too bad that truth is too far out from such simplistic explanation. The planet is simply cooling, period. It’s a simple climate cycle of warming-cooling-warming-cooling. Due to natural factors, internal (clouds, water vapor, sometimes volcanoes) and external (Sun, GCRs) factors. There was warming in the past, then cooling, then slight warming in the past century, then cooling now and the coming decades.

The current La Nina is severe in the tropics than in the NH and SH. Temperature anomaly, in Celsius, compared to average temperature from 1981-2010:

YR Month / Globe/ NH/ SH/ Tropics

2010 Jan. / 0.542/ 0.675/ 0.410/ 0.635
2010 May / 0.454/ 0.642/ 0.265/ 0.706
2010 June / 0.385/ 0.482/ 0.287/ 0.485
2010 July / 0.419/ 0.558/ 0.280/ 0.370
2010 Aug / 0.441/ 0.579/ 0.304/ 0.321
2010 Sept / 0.477/ 0.410/ 0.545/ 0.237
2010 Oct. / 0.306/ 0.257/ 0.356/ 0.106
2010 Nov. / 0.273/ 0.372/ 0.173/ -0.117
2010 Dec. / 0.181/ 0.217/ 0.145/ -0.222

2011 Jan. / -0.009/ -0.055/ 0.038/ -0.369

The last El Nino peaked in May 2010. The month after that, La Nina immediately set in and air temperature in the tropics immediately fell by around 0.22 C in just one month. And see the temperature anomaly in the last three months: -0.12 C, -0.22 C, and -0.37 C!

Of special interest for East Asia and west of Pacific Ocean like the Philippines, the temperature anomaly in equatorial Pacific region 4 (the region closest to East Asia) for the past five months or so has been between -1.0 to -1.5 C. Data as of January 30, 2011, data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology,

PAGASA warned this week that the rainy season will extend until May this year. See one news report, Weather bureau warns of increasing calamities from rains. If this is the case, then this will be another “year without summer” or alternatively, “one year of rainy season” for the country, similar to what happened in 2008-09. By June, the regular rainy season will be back again in its annual, natural cycle.

“Warming causes cooling” is simply a sham. An idiotic proposition. Thus, its policy proposals of more environmental regulations, more energy taxation, more climate bureaucracies, more climate loans and budget, more climate meetings (national and global), are equally idiotic. Plain and explicit racket.


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