Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twitter notes, September 2010

Tweeting sometimes is like keeping a diary :-). Looking back, one can track his/her thinking based on practical realities on those days. Here are my tweets last September. Again, some tweets that seemed to be duplicating with others I did not include here.

@cesdrilon Allow the use of DDT to kill mosquitoes, control dengue. If the UN bureaucrats will object to DDT use, ignore them. 2 Sep

@piacayetano Why not privatize PAGASA? 2 Sep

@ANCALERTS Just promulgate the rule of law, not rule of men. The law applies to everyone, no exception. Then people will respect laws. 2 Sep

If Kuh married Atoy Co, divorced and married Bembol Roco, divorced and remarried Atoy Co again, she would be Kuh Co Roco Co! 4 Sep

@jimparedes Pang-ilan si Tirso III Cruz sa kanilang magkapatid? Third? wrong. Pang-lima, Kasi nickname nya ay "Pip". 4 Sep

@HarvardResearch The US might even pioneer a "triple dip" recession. Living beyond one's means financed by endless borrowings, bad formula. 5 Sep

@ANCALERTS Does he support legalization of drugs? Continued illegalization only succeeded in making enforcement agencies become more corrupt. 5 Sep

To steal from only one source is plagiarism. To steal from many is research :-) 5 Sep

When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income. ~ Plato. 5 Sep

@philo_quotes Not exactly rich people but governments stage war with each other in pursuit of more pol and econ power. 6 Sep

@jimparedes Renewable marriage, to expire every 3 yrs. Couples say "I do" in very simple ceremonies if they wish to continue marriage. 6 Sep

@jimparedes My 11th commandment: Thou shall not rely on government often. Practice personal and parental responsibility always. 6 Sep

@WWF_Philippines Man-made warming is a scam. Climate run on cycles, warming-cooling-warming-cooling. 6 Sep

@jimparedes Condoms are like governments. They halt production, aid inflation, they give you a sense of security while you're being screwed. 6 Sep

@gpph Greenpeace now less active on man-made-warming religion campaign? Good. Another paper re solar cycle and climate 7 Sep

@philo_quotes Or, rhetorics is the art of stupefying and idiotizing the minds of men and women. 7 Sep

@philo_quotes Variation: Do not steal. Government hates competition. 9 Sep

@heckler8 Car sticker: --> Shrink Government <-- Privatize assets, cut taxes. 9 Sep

@heckler8 Car sticker: PROBLEMA: People Really Obsessed w/ Beautiful Ladies w/ Extra Marital Affairs :-) 9 Sep

@gmanews PhilHealth is sitting on P100+ B cash. Collections are several times bigger than claims. No need for add'l. subsidy to PhilHealth. 13 Sep

@gmanews Mosquitoes can cause dengue, malaria, other infectious diseases. Allow DDT to kill mosquitoes. Ignore UN if it opposes DDT use. 13 Sep

@karadavid Child adoption, including foreigners who want to adopt, should be respected and encouraged. Let supply meet demand. 13 Sep

@gmanews Jueteng, other gambling should be legalized. Why are casino, cockfighting, bingo, lotto, legal? Double standard breeds corruption. 13 Sep

@philo_quotes Yes, observing personal and parental responsibility at all times is tough. It can lead to less or no demand for govt responsib. 14 Sep

@jimparedes Knowledge is subversive too. Leads to endless innovation and competition in econ, culture, etc. Knowledge is individual freedom. 14 Sep

@govph discovering profit in raising native pigs, etc, is not govt function, it is private sector's. Govt shd cut taxes & bureaucracies. 15 Sep

@philo_quotes Variation: love is just a cute trick of nature for the preservation of the human species :-) 15 Sep

@TgGuingona Tama. But legalize jueteng. Why govt's double standards on gambling? Casino, bingo, lotto, cockfighting are legal, others not? 16 Sep

@juLiusbabao Sa isang tricycle nakasulat: "Waiting, naghihintay. Jueteng, hinihintay." 17 Sep

@gmanews Many strikes, let PAL go bankrupt. Allow foreign airlines to serve major local routes temp., otherwise Cebu Pac will be a monopoly. 20 Sep

@piacayetano Everything has possibility of a "lemon" -- cars, cellphones, laptops, tv, etc. Encourag branding and brand accountability. 20 Sep

@philo_quotes Liberty is absence of coercion. Society that has lots of prohibitions, restrictions and regulations is generally not free. 20 Sep

"I think we have more machinery of govt than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." Thomas Jefferson. 20 Sep

@jimparedes Yes, the Church should disclose money received from legal gambling like bingo, lotto, casino. No double standards on gambling. 21 Sep

@piacayetano Legalize jueteng, other gambling, regulate them. Why are casino, lotto, bingo, cockfighting, STL, legal? Enough of hypocrisy. 21 Sep

@philo_quotes Laws are prohibitions. More laws, more prohibitions. Rule of law is rule of prohibitions. We need few laws that apply to all. 21 Sep

@Piers_Corbyn Yes, warmers guard their wikipedia definitions. Wiki is not "peer reviewed". Whoever made the last entry has the last say. 23 Sep

@maria_ressa But most rice we eat are already genetically modified. Old varieties are harvestable after 6 months, now only 3-4 months. 23 Sep

@gmanews Maghanda tayo sa global cooling, hindi global warming. Kalokohan ang "man-made warming". See 24 Sep

@philo_quotes Yep, marriage is not a word. It is a sentence. A life sentence :-) 24 Sep

@philo_quotes Aristotle is wrong. D State is human creation, not by nature. People are apolitical, but state coercion force them into poltcs. 25 Sep

@philo_quotes Plato is right. Strange names to diseses, also to names of drug molecules and vaccines. 27 Sep

@jimparedes Family planning is family matter. State and Church should get out of the bedroom. State shd also stop invading our pockets much. 29 Sep

@piacayetano Can't the State get out of the bedroom? Where is the delineation bet govt responsib and parental responsib in raising children? 30 Sep

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