Friday, February 04, 2011

Weekend fun 8: Al Gore cartoons (C)

(Notes: Here are the previous Al Gore cartoons, part A and part B. All cartoons here were taken from various sources in the web including WUWT, not one of which was created or photoshopped by me. Picture of Lakeshore snow from yahoo.)

The new operative definition of man-made warming hypothesis is: warming causes cooling. Thus, those severe cold and brutal snowstorm like what happened this week in the US midwest was caused by global warming. These must be hot snow. So how would the affected Americans melt the snow fast?

Heavy snow is a disease. Meet the cure! And it's good that the man is armed to the teeth, backed up by tons of carbon fuel, to liquify those wide and deep snow.

The man is also a fire-spewing dragon. With all the warming and "warmest years on record" pronouncements, it should create enough heat in his mouth, which is a good thing to, again, help liquify those wide and deep snow.

When it's not snowing hard and the man is not holding a flame thrower or spewing fire to melt those thick snow, the man is also an angel, or a resurrected messiah. He invented the internet, remember, a huge achievement. An ever bigger achievement-to-be, is to save the planet from catastropic warming.

Or the man can also be a priest, hearing confessions and suggesting the corresponding carbon fines and penalties. Payment can be through carbon tax or carbon trading or other related schemes.

Someone commented, "Tipper reached her tipping point" :-)

Winter in the northern hemisphere is not yet over, so up there they will see more snow in the coming days and weeks. And the man will repeatedly say, Snowstorms are caused by global warming.

Amen to the messiah.

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