Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twitter notes, November 2010

Ahhh, I just realized that I tweeted a lot last November :-)

The LP and the President should stick to the liberal agenda. 3 Nov

Bush's tax cuts should be extended. Deficit problem shd be dealt with reducing US govt spending, not raising more taxes. 4 Nov

Not all poverty is due to nature or what. Most poverty due to personal irresponsib, laziness, & intrusive govts that penalize entrepreneurs. 5 Nov

Educ for the poor, housing for the poor, healthcare for the poor, credit for the poor, etc., now conditional cash transfer (CCT) to the poor. 5 Nov

Forcing social equality will fail. When indiv excellence is penalized & indiv irresponsib. is subsidized, people will be equal, equally poor. 5 Nov

The world going back to gold standard isn't a far-fetched idea. Central bankers will realize the evil of central planning in monet. Policy. 5 Nov

A downpour then flooding in many streets this afternoon. November shd mean less rains, but with current La Nina, we expect more rains. 5 Nov

Govt programs to help d poor shd be one-time. If it's forever, moral hazards prob set in. If they graduate from poverty, subsidies will end. 5 Nov

Almost 4 weeks of cloudy sky. Man-made warming religion says this is still evidence of man-made climate change, Idiots. 5 Nov

Been sounding out for a debate on climate idiocy, finally someone debated me in my blog, 8 Nov

Nice, sunny morning at last, yesterday and today. But the "tail-end of a cold front" advisory by PAGASA is there daily since late Oct. 8 Nov

"If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it." – Reagan. 9 Nov

@gpph More graphs on climate stupidity, 9 Nov

Prices of "green power" high but declining. Good. People shd buy such energy bec they want to, not bec it's made "cheap" by taxes from us. 9 Nov

So many clubs by govts. The biggest is UN. Then sub-alliances under UN: WHO, ILO, IMO, FAO, etc. Then OECD, G20, G8, APEC, ASEAN.... 9 Nov

Gold is expensive bec demand is larger than supply. It hit 1,4000/ounce, wow! Talk is cheap bec supply is larger than demand. 9 Nov

Bill Clinton climate alarmism in Manila. Said, "need to reduce man-made GHGs to make the economy sustainable." We need cheap energy, man. 10 Nov

Just saw street kids rob a taxi cab along Guadalupe Bridge. They open doors that aren't locked then grab what they can. 10 Nov (Retweet)

"Cold front affecting Luzon." Daily weather advisory from PAGASA. 10 Nov

@Philip_Stevens When some1 steps on your toe deliberately, throw him flowers... with the vase on it :-) 10 Nov

Spend and spend, then borrow and borrow, while tax and tax have limits. Perfect formula for fiscal disaster. Govt irresponsibility sucks. 10 Nov

Foreign aid is govt to govt transfer of money, not people to people. That's why most foreign aid is wasted or stolen. 10 Nov

MMDA created a new office, called the Traffic & Transport Management Office, or TTMO. It's true. 11 Nov

Work and production are the lifeblood of society. Taxes and looting are the lifeblood of government. 11 Nov

Statism survives by looting; a free country survives by production -- Ayn Rand. 11 Nov

My sister's auditing company has a new blog, It's a business blog, zero politics. 12 Nov

'Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back,' -- something you will never ever hear from the government. 12 Nov

Wants and needs are unlimited while resources are limited. So economics studies how to allocate limited resources with unlimited wants. 12 Nov

Economics' simple definition is: the study of proper allocation of limited resources. Period. 12 Nov

Free trade means freedom to trade. Govts and countries don't trade with each other. People do. 13 Nov

Free market simply means free individuals. Markets are composed of buyers and sellers, suppliers and consumers, young and old, rich and poor. 13 Nov

Statistics are like bikini. What they reveal is interesting, but what they conceal is vital :-) 15 Nov

Tax people who work, subsidize those who don't, good formula for more unemployment. 15 Nov

Manny Pacquiao is the greatest boxer on Earth for all time. He should be greater than Muhammad Ali. 15 Nov

Private property right is priv prop right, not collective prop right. Socialize what's privately owned, you kill ambition and innovation. 16 Nov

Corp. income tax is illusion. Corporations don't pay tax, people do. Corps. are just legal entities. 16 Nov

HK imports via thousands of containers, and "exports" via millions of shopping bags fr. millions of tourists. Unilateral trade lib is cool. 16 Nov

The Sun is the biggest driver of our climate. Then clouds & water vapor, oceans, GCRs, volcanoes. Effect of human CO2 emission negligible. 17 Nov

Rule of law means no exception. The law applies equally to unequal people. -- F. Hayek. 17 Nov

Politicians have the talent of getting money from the rich and geting votes from the poor, on the promise of protecting one from the other. 17 Nov

NGOs that receive huge funding from govt are NOT non-govt. organizations. They are better called govt-funded organizations or GFOs. 18 Nov

ADB means Asian Debts and Bureaucracies. Not Asian Devt Bank. 18 Nov

Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself. ~ John Locke 18 Nov

Many people love to see competition in sports but they hate competition in the economy and business. They want protectionism. 18 Nov

The beauty of the rule of law is that it applies equally to unequal people. Law vs stealing applies to all, from the Pres. to d poorest man. 22 Nov

Rule of law means no exception. The law applies to all, governors & governed, No one is exempted and no one can grant exemption from the law. 22 Nov

The State is the great fiction by which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else. - Bastiat. The State is coercion. – Me. 22 Nov

Rule of law requires that rules shd be transparent and easily understandable to ord. people. They understand the consequences of violations. 23 Nov

IPCC AR5 to be released in 2013 or 14, but IPCC officials already announced "a report worse than 4th Assessment Report" (AR4). Pure politics. 24 Nov

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down the wall" -- Reagan in Berlin, 1989. "Mr. Kim Jong il, tear down the fence" -- Chung-ho KIm of CFE-Korea, 2009. 24 Nov

"Cold front affecting Luzon" is back as daily weather advisory by PAGASA, after a few days of taking it out. Raining almost daily M.Manila. 24 Nov

With the continuing Korean peninsula tension, will we see more S. Koreans moving into the Philippines? I think so. 25 Nov

Fiscal irresponsibility, expensive welfare system debt addiction are wrong. Iceland and Greece learned it, now Ireland, 25 Nov

People own their body, not the state. If people want to over-drink, over-drugs, allow them. If they ask for free healthcare later, deny them. 26 Nov

When high demand is there, even if the penalty against supply is 50x firing squad, supply will persist. Think of the anti-drugs policy. 26 Nov

Theory & data must conform with each other always. If they contradict, facts must prevail, theory must give way, revert to a mere hypothesis. 27 Nov

Climate alarmists implicitly dislike more econ growth. They want to see people riding bicycles & horses, not cars, buses that emit carbon. 27 Nov

Wikileaks shows some of the evils when governments become too big. They spy and spy on their citizens, on their fellow governments. 30 Nov

Climate craziness is cooling in Cancun. The political agenda of global ecological socialism is slowly realized by the public. 30 Nov

Collapse of communism in Europe 21 yrs ago do not match the persistence of communism in N. Korea and communist insurgency in the Philippines. 30 Nov

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