Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twitter notes, October 2010

I began tweeting less in October. Here they are.

Jakarta's traffic is horrendous even during non-rush hours. The roads though are good. Heavy downpour this afternoon. 6 Oct

Staying at Sultan Hotel, a huge hotel with so many function rooms. Econ. Freedom Network (EFN) Asia conf, sponsored by FNF. 6 Oct

EFN-Asia conference on "Migration and the Wealth of Nations" here in Jakarta will end tonight. Event sponsored by FNF + 6 co-sponsors. 8 Oct

Workshop now on draft resolution, "Migration and the Wealth of Nations", then I will report on stage on macroeconomic effects. 8 Oct

@gpph Arctic sea ice is growing fast. See data from JAXA-IARC, NSIDC, U of Bremen, DMI, Greenpeace alarmism is funny. 12 Oct

2 wks ago, 5 of 6 days I was in Sydney, cloudy and rains. Last week, all 4 days I was in Jakarta, cloudy and some rains. This wk Mla, cloudy. 13 Oct

@jimparedes From my solar physicist friend in Britain, 80% landfall in RP, Vietnam 60%. 15 Oct

@Piers_Corbyn Thanks a lot, Piers. People here are still scared of typhoon Ketsana last year, super-heavy flooding then. 15 Oct

Typhoon Megi developed at a time where warmer than normal water in E.Asia surrounded by cold water from all directions, 19 Oct

Proud to have my article on "typhoon Megi and the SST anomaly" posted in WUWT, a popular and critical science blog, 20 Oct

Abolish or privatize NFA. Don't use our tax money to subsidize bureaucrats & crony rice traders. Hats off Dr. Clarete, 20 Oct

@gpph @globalrisks Man-made warming IS the most organized scam to fool humanity. Prolonged drought or rains, El Nino or La Nina, due to AGW. 21 Oct

Renewed my driver's license, to expire after 3 yrs. Total time, 1:20 hr. Total fees, P817. Total no. of forms filled up, 4. 21 Oct

Almost 2 weeks straight of cloudy sky (except last Sun) now. Typhoon Megi exited the country finally today. Still a rainy morning. 22 Oct

@risahontiveros Why reform SK? Abolish it. Let the youth serve in their schools, household, sports. Don't expose them to politicians early. 26 Oct

@Karen_DaviLa To copy from only one source, that's plagiarism. To copy from many, that's research. :-) 26 Oct

Compare the procedures and fees in renewing a Philippine driver's license, 2007 vs. 2010, 26 Oct

The Philippines ranked 76th out of 141 countries, Econ. Freedom of the World 2010 report. Ranked 68th previous year, 27 Oct

@acopatunru What? another tsunami? And another volcanic eruption? Geologically active indonesia. More CO2 emission from volcanoes. 27 Oct

Since 2 weeks ago, days with cloudy sky, or sunny but rained later in the evening, M.Manila and surrounding provinces, 17 out of 17 days. 27 Oct

@maltiq Strong or weak peso, RP is already considered an "emerging econ". BSP should keep out of occasional heavy forex intervention. 28 Oct

@maltiq Not abolish COMELEC, keep its election admin function, but take out election adjudication function, give the latter to a new body. 28 Oct

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