Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rule of Law 21: Violating Simple Parking Rules

This photo was shared more than a thousand times in facebook as of today. I posted this in my fb wall, it was shared by at least five friends already. Plate number SKE 131. I think this is a Taguig police car.

Another government vehicle whose driver does not know how to respect simple parking rules. Plate number SFT 558

This one is a private vehicle, Hyundai Tucson, RDX 360. This was shared many times in facebook too.The joke is that since the driver parked at two slots of Parking for Disabled passengers, he may be mentally disabled.

A good reminder for the driver of RDX 360.

Below, a police car at Sangandaan, Kalookan, parked at a busy intersection. A car with CIDG-PNP plate; then a red plate SEU 385, parked at a busy Buendia St. in Makati.

Photo credit, Para Kang Gago Mag-Park fb group, except the last photo of SEU 383, which I took when I was riding a jeepney in Buendia, nearly two years ago.

If people, government and police personnel especially, cannot follow basic and simple parking rules, we cannot expect them to follow even bigger rules, like no stealing and corruption.

Rule of law is still an alien concept to many people.

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