Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blog Stats, Hawaii Pics

This is a follow up to my previous post, Blog Stats this Month (April 19, 2015). This site is able to  sustain nearly 500 pageviews a day, higher than the previous <400 a day, January-March this year. The main drawer or attraction is  my article, The 1st PRPX, May 2007 in Hawaii, Photos (May 04, 2015) and majority of readers are from the US, Russia and the Philippines. See below.

I think my friends and readers like the photos eight years ago in the Hawaii conference. I lost my folder of those photos, dug them only from my old emails. Here are more photos. Below, Barun Mitra (India) and Feng Xingyuan (China), during ouor post-conference tour of the Pearl Harbour.

In another event hosted by the Grassroot Institute Hawaii (GIH). With Barun, Veronika Doukis and Punkin Burgess.

Thank you readers.

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