Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pol. Ideology 62, Marx and Hayek on Property Rights

Nearly six years ago, I presented this paper in a seminar on "Freedom and Property" in Manila, sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) Philippine Office.

Yeah, I recalled my UP student activism days in the 80s, when the Maoist Nat-Dems were the dominant leftist groups, but our small group dissociated with their ideology as we read more Marx and Lenin, not Mao Tse Tung :-) I re-read portions of "Das Kapital"  and "The Communist Manifesto" in making that presentation.

Recognizing the mistakes of Marx' analysis contributed why I abandoned the Marxist ideology. And later embraced the philosophies of Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek, Mises, etc.

Property Rights Alliance's (PRA) annual IPRI Reports are good materials in the study of how countries and economies respect or disrespect private property ownership and control, both physical and intellectual property.

My first published article in BusinessWorld was in November 2007. (This year I have two articles already in that newspaper, a 3rd article coming up this Friday :-))

The full text and presentation is available in my slideshare page.

I posted this paper because next week, I will be a reactor to a mainly socialist paper presentation on "Alternative Economic System", with a largely socialist audience. No problem with me, I don't evade any debate, civil debate. Excitng.

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