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Climate tricks 43, Interview at Sonshine Radio, DZAR 1026

* These are my answers to the guide questions for a live interview on “ECO-Hour episode,” DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio Manila, 2-3pm today, hosted by Jomel and Rascille Laranas.

Climate alarmism vs climate realities
1.         What is your reaction on the research which said that 72% of Filipinos are very concerned about climate change? Are you one of the 72%? Why or Why not?

à Expected. Many Filipinos and people in the world are stilled hoodwinked by the climate alarmism movement.

2.         Should climate change or global warming be a cause of alarm among us? Or is the media projecting it in a way that will somehow threaten us or push us to action? Can we say that ‘climate change is nothing but a lie’?

à No.CC and GW are true, they are not lies, but they are cyclical and natura. What is a big lie is the adjective “man-made” and forgetting or deliberately, explicitly removing “nature-made.”

Source: Dr. Roy Spencer, Senate EPW Hearing: “Climate Change: It’s Happened Before, July 19th 2013.

3.         Does it mean that every extreme weather event is NOT caused by climate change? Is the Typhoon Haiyan caused by climate change?

à No. There have been extreme weather in the past – severe cooling, severe warming and droughts. More rains or less rains, more typhoons or less typhoons, they have happened in the past, will happen tomorrow.

4.         You have a study about “Man-made Global Warming” in 2009. Can you tell us what is it all about?

a. Climate change (CC) is true. It happened in the past, happening now, will  happen in the future. Global warming (GW) is true, happened in the past (RWP, MWP, last century warming) and will happen again in the future. Global cooling is also true, happened in the past, happening now.

b. CC is natural (nature-made, not “man-made”), it is cyclical (warming-cooling-warming-cooling), and has precedents (not “unprecedented”). Like wet-dry season cycle, winter-spring-summer-fall cycle, evaporation-condensation hydrologic cycle,

c. Long-term temperature-CO2 relationship, some studies say temperature leads CO2, other studies say it’s the reverse. Common denominator, there are precedents of warm-cool period, lasting for decades and centuries.

Source: WUWT, Euan Mearns,, Vostok and the 8000 year time lag Dec. 27, 2014

5.         Is there a difference between climate alarmism and climate skepticism?

à Yes. Climate alarmism puts heavy emphasis on “man-made” or anthropogenic GW/CC. Climate skepticism recognizes CC but it questions the “anthropogenic” main cause. Nature – the Sun, galactic cosmic rays (GCRs), water vapor, clouds, volcanoes, PDO, AMO, etc. -- play much greater roles in planet Earth’s warming or cooling phases. See for instance IPCC model temp. projections vs. actual temperatures.

6.         If we read that the glaciers are melting in the Arctic region due to global warming, should it really cause an alarm?

à No. Ice and glaciers in the Arctic, in Greenland (and Antarctica) are melting-growing, every year. Part of natural cycle.

7.         What can you say about groups pushing for the mitigation of climate change as part of the 17 new sustainable development goals?

à Mainly the huge money involved. See portions of my presentation at Dr. Alvin Ang’s graduate class on Public Finance, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, 28 January 2015, entitled “Climate Money: Wastes, Distortions and Scientific Dishonesty Behind It.”

Plus the huge perks – frequent climate junkets around  the world, participants are burning huge volume of fossil fuels due to their frequent jet sets. Plus ego tripping, they can dictate to the rest of us what energy source we can use, what we cannot.

8.         How should we view climate change and global warming as Filipinos? Do you think it is okay for politicians to ride on this environmental issue as part of their political agenda?

à CC and GW are natural (nature-made, not man-made) and cyclical (warming-cooling-warming-cooling…). Politicians, and many NGOs and media leaders, academics, etc. – ALL of them ride the alarmism bandwagon.

9.         On Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, is it mere science fiction? About the Pope’s ‘Laudato Si’ – is he just being ‘influenced’ to believe on climate alarmism?

à Al Gore’s something like 10% truth, 90% fiction.
The Pope’s, advising people to take care of the  planet  is good. Advising them to  demonize fossil fuels and  CO2 is wrong. The  Pope and his entourage is among the heavy users of fossil fuels, he travels a lot by jumbo jets, and those jets do  not fly on water but on  fossil  fuel.

10.       According to some groups, ‘coal is the demon incarnate’ for it causes unprecedented increase in greenhouse gases. What is your take on this?

à They keep miseducating and fooling  the  public. If there are no coal power plants in Luzon at this moment, most likely people will be using those noisy gensets that run  on fossil  fuel diesel, or using candles, because of frequent brown outs.

Existing major power plants in Luzon, early 2014. Coal is 4,531 MW, followed by big hydro, 2,445 MW, nat gas 2,861 MW.


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