Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Wind power, flattened mountain ridges, collapsed towers

Nabas wind farm, Aklan, near Boracay. About 2 kms. long of mountain ridges "planted" with huge wind turbines.

Road construction stage before the wind turbines were erected. All trees removed, jagged ridges flattened and widened, so that lots of huge trucks -- cement mixers, 18-wheeler haulers carrying steel and wind blades, cranes -- can pass.

Below, I took this photo last January 01, 2016, on a boat leaving Caticlan port, Aklan, going to Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, on our way back to Manila. A single conventional power plant can be built in just one area. Wind towers have to be built in a wide, long area.

This is from a video campaign of former Sen. Migs Zubiri, promoting wind power. Seems this is the wind farm in Pililla, Rizal.

Huge amount of steel and cement are used to build the base of  one wind tower, wide area of a mountain ridge has to be deforested, cleared and flattened. And there are many wind towers to be constructed.

Some recent reports, Germany and UK.

Various photos. Top right photo is a collapsed wind tower in Batanes. Other photos, just google "wind turbine collapse" or similar keywords.

Now you know why if there are wind farms, NO houses, no schools or buildings, no beach resorts or mountain resorts nearby. Those wind blades, turbine and rotors, or the tower itself, can collapse.

And the UN, Al Gore and many national governments worldwide promote wind power as "pro-environment" and various subsidies and expensive electricity are "acceptable and justified." Wow.

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