Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hockey stick of this blog, part 2

I have explained the concept of "hockey stick" graph in Part 1 of this new series. Basically it's a generally flat (little ups and downs) line then suddenly the line goes up really high.

The past five days, Saturday to Wednesday, I was happily surprised that this blog has been getting 3,391 pageviews per day on average.

Graph as of 7:10am today. The main "drawer" to the blog was my article, Unrest in MidEast-Africa 2: Libya rebellion which I wrote last February 22. Maybe it was picked up by the major search engines. Then perhaps some of those who saw the article have become regular followers of this blog -- thank you very much, readers.

When I saw the hockey stick graph last Monday, I thought that it was just a 1 or 2-days spike in readership. But the trend is entering its 6th day today. Before I would be happy to see about 20-25 pageviews per hour, now it's 150-160 per hour.

The bulk of this blog's readers are from the US, followed by the Philippines, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, and so on. Only about 20 percent of readers are from the Philippines, 80 percent are based abroad.

I really try to provide high quality content for this blog as much as possible. Thus, the use of graphs, charts and pictures in most blog articles, to provide more facts to my arguments.

So dear readers, thanks again for dropping by.


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