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Warming absent, politics present

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Global cooling persists and global warming is muted and absent this year.

The most recent satellite temperature data for the lower troposphere of planet Earth has been released and the temperature anomaly (or “deviation from average temperature”) for February 2011 was -0.02 C. See graph and table below. NH and SH means Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, respectively.

Month Globe NH SH Tropics
Jan. 0.542 0.675 0.410 0.635
Feb. 0.510 0.553 0.466 0.759
Mar. 0.554 0.665 0.443 0.721
Nov. 0.273 0.372 0.173 -0.117
Dec. 0.181 0.217 0.145 -0.222
Jan. -0.010 -0.055 0.036 -0.372
Feb. -0.018 -0.041 0.004 -0.350


Global average temperature is pulled down by the continuing La Nina in the tropics, particularly in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Here is the most recent sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly for equatorial Pacific’s Nino region 4, the region closest to East Asia and the Philippines. It remains at around 1 C colder than the past average temperatures in the region. And unlike global cooling and La Nina of 2007-08, the current La Nina is more prolonged, extending for 9 months straight now.


Are we seeing the end to La Nina and global cooling yet ?

Bad news for the campaigners of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW): Not a bit.

Majority of projections for the direction and trajectory of the current La Nina shows that it will continue until the end of this year, and possibly extend up to 2012. There are a few models that suggest that La Nina will end by May this year, but the majority of models suggest that it will extend up to the end of this year or longer. See graph below.

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The usual issue: planet Earth’s climate runs on cycles of warming-cooling-warming-cooling. There is no such thing as “unprecedented warming” and “unequivocal warming” or “man-made climate change.”

Even if everyone in this planet will be riding bicycles and all cars, buses and airplanes are thrown away, global warming is going to happen anyway. And even if everyone in this planet will be driving a car, global cooling is going to happen anyway. Natural factors like clouds, water vapor, volcanoes, natural GHGs, the Sun, galactic cosmic rays, have a much much larger influence on the planet’s climate than our fossil fuel and other human carbon emissions.

Sadly, when politics comes in, it has no reverse gear. It only moves forward, regardless of what actual climate data show and what independent scientists say.

The evil rests on deep desire by many sectors -- from the environmentalist NGOs to government environment and climate bureaucracies, crony private corporations, the UN, the foreign aid banks, etc. – for more environmental regulations, more energy taxation, more bureaucracies created, more global climate meetings and junkets, more energy cronyism, and more climate loans racket.

Politics is everywhere, even if warming is absent.

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