Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake 3: Previous Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami

It is funny, even ridiculous, at how some groups and people, would believe the movie "2012" was true because of what happened in the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan yesterday. The usual mantra of "unprecedented catastrophe" are being floated.

What, unprecedented? There were no catastrophic earthquake-tsunami in the past in Japan or other areas of planet Earth?

On September 3, 1896 or nearly 115 years ago, Japan was hit by earthquake-tsunami in the north and typhoon in the south, on the same day. "Thousands of persons are reported to have been killed and many more injured."

And June 1896 or just 3 months before that, some 30,000 people died also in Japan because of the earthquake-tsunami.

Then on December 21, 1946, there were estimated 946 dead, 1,036 injured, 96 missing and 39,201 houses and buildings damaged by the earthquake-tsunami twin.

The 1923 earthquake-tsunami also flattened Tokyo and Yokohama. At least 50 cities were affected by such calamity. News source,

It is difficult or impossible to link climate change-earthquake events, really. That is why I mentioned in my article yesterday, my hope that geological sciences will not be corrupted by governments and the UN, the same way they corrupted climate sciences, to blame almost everything to human CO2 emission. When there is prolonged drought, mild winter, lack of snow, it's caused by man-made warming. When there is prolonged rains, heavy flooding, severe winter and lots fo snow, it's also caused by man-made warming.

Additional news reports: (left) September 5, 1923, from The Gridley Herald, California; (right) September 22, 1934, The Age. Original sources,

H/t to Steven Goddard blog where the above 4 news reports were posted.


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