Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Corona Trial 4: Walkout at the Senate

(Note: original title of this paper was "Rule of Law 16: CJ Corona Appearance and Trial at the Senate")

I was hooked on twitter this afternoon, on the appearance for the first time of Chief Justice Corona at his impeachment trial at the Senate. Sooooo many tweets. Anyway, here are my own tweets.

Nonoy Oplas ‏@Noysky
@likhanews5 @interaksyon Walang katulong si Corona, tama yon, minsan naghugas ako ng pinggan sa house nila, P100/hr bayad nila sa akin :-)

Nonoy Oplas ‏@Noysky
@I_amHolohttps #CoronaTrial Mahirap si Corona, kapitbahay ko sa kabilang apartment sa brgy san antonio makati, P10k/mo lang rental namin

Defense camp: Boss CJ, di umubra iyak, change gear tayo, ratatat counter-arguments naman @CJonTrial

@likhanews5 @interaksyon Suggested news headline: CJ is Christ. He is poor, he cries, and he has Corona.

@likhanews5 @interaksyon Corona opening speech 1 day long. Dean M.Leonen says other cases, accused cant speak but through answers to Qs.

@likhanews5 #CJontrial If you're a CJ, no need to steal even P1. You can sell a SC decision to highest bidder and earn millions.

@levenezu He didnt practice in front of mirror, he's following Lady Gaga's song Poker Face, do poker & gambling on pub sympathy #CJonTrial

@likhanews5 @interaksyon I think CJ watched Lady Gaga's concert last night, he liked d song Judas-as, he now refers to LRA, PNoy, prosec.

Boo Chanco ‏@boochanco
kadali palang magtago ng fruits of corruption basta ma-convert lang sa dollars confidential na.
Retweeted by Nonoy Oplas

Cesar Purisima ‏@CVP1960
I am a diabetic myself, if my sugar is low, I am disoriented and will not be able to walk the way CJ did
Retweeted by Nonoy Oplas

Nonoy Oplas ‏@Noysky
@likhanews5 @interaksyon Everyone in govt on trial, great! Many people there dont want to be tried, we abolish many agencies & bureaucrats.

@interaksyon @likhanews5 Headline, "CJ gaya-gaya: drama ni Lady Gaga, powerpoint ni Conchita, wheelchair ni Gloria, low blood ni Purisima::)

Cesar Purisima ‏@CVP1960
Telling the truth should not be stressful; it's when you say things other than the truth when you get stressed
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Nonoy Oplas ‏@Noysky
Corona's theme song: "I want to break free" Prosecution's song: "Ma-ma-ma-My Corona" Enrile's Song: "I want it all:"

More songs by Corona at the Senate: "Breakthrough", "Dont stop me now", "Drowse", "It's a hard life", "I go crazy" (all by The Queen)

Enrile's songs for Corona (all from d Queen): Action this day, Bring back that Leroy Brown, Don't lose your head, Don't try suicide.

Corona's songs how to escape fr d Senate, all fr Queen: Bicycle race, Coming soon, Dragon attack, Escape from the swamp, Flash to the rescue

Defense' songs for Corona, all fr Queen: Hang on in there, Im going slightly mad, Keep yourself alive, Loser in the end, The show must go on

Mrs. Corona's songs to CJ, fr the Queen: Fun it, Lost opportunity, Play the game, These are the days of our lives, Who needs you? You and I.

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